Another *%#@ Fabric Delay!

I am so pissed off right now I’m afraid I might write something I will regret, but I feel like I have to update those of you who have been waiting patiently for this fabric shipment to arrive.

After repeated assurances from the manufacturer that it was already in transit two weeks ago, my contact went on a “business trip” to Japan – without his laptop, so he couldn’t forward me the tracking information. How convenient.

I found out yesterday that, actually, the shipment wasn’t on its way. In fact, it had been sitting there for the past two weeks doing nothing – and this after all the other delays!

He claims it’s due to the shipping company – “I’m afraid you think I’m lying to you, haha,” he wrote.

Ya think?

Yesterday was a holiday in Canada, so I couldn’t reach anyone to check up on this story. This morning I got some of the tracking information and (assuming it’s legitimate) I can tell that the shipment is actually moving now – but there is more bad news: according to the information I have, it won’t even arrive in Canada until June 5th.

I have been losing sleep over this because I feel like I am personally continuing to disappoint each of you who have pre-ordered kits and fabric (some as far back as February!).

I’m trying to remain calm. My friends and family would tell you that I am a very level-headed person and extremely slow to anger, but this fiasco has brought me closer to punching a hole through a wall than anything since… well… the last fabric shipment. I think it’s time to find a different supplier.

If any of you want to cancel your orders, I completely understand, because, “I’m afraid you think I’m lying to you, haha.”

7 thoughts on “Another *%#@ Fabric Delay!”

  1. Thanks for the update. “Today’s big deal, is tomorrow’s so what”

  2. Assuming you get your fabric by mid June what kind of timeframe could we expect kits delivered if we put in an order for 3?

    1. Hi Tyler – it will probably take a week or so to catch up on orders after the fabric arrives, and orders are processed in the sequence they are received. Shipping time depends on where you are in the world (generally a couple of days to a couple of weeks). Thanks!

  3. Hi,

    Are you selling only 2 types of material now? I only see two listed. I was looking for something a little lighter than 40D and someone directed me to your site.

    Awesome site by the way. I own an Alpacka and I am DIYer with sewing and gluing. This opens up many other options.


    1. Thanks Derrick – yeah, I don’t have plans to offer any lighter fabrics at this point. Do you want lighter overall weight, or just a lighter denier? I’m not aware of any lighter weight airtight heat sealable fabrics, but if you can sew, silicone coated fabric might work for your project (it’s less durable though, and it might not be any lighter after you account for the glue). Good luck!

  4. I’ve recently just come across your site, I think it’s great. I’m curious if you know is TPU coating and PU coating the same thing? I’m thinking of ordering some fabric and then ordering the parts and plans from you, but finding TPU coated fabric in smaller amounts than huge 500m bolts seems pretty hard. hoping that PU and TPU are the same thing. Thanks in advance, I’m hoping to make a raft for the wife to use since I have an Alpacka Yak.

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