10% off Coupon Code for Group Orders

I started the DIY Packraft website to make packrafting more affordable for people around the world, and that’s still my main goal. When groups get together and place a single order, it makes the paperwork easier for me, so to encourage group orders I set up the (previously announced) free shipping coupon code “freeshipping500”. It gives a much better deal to people overseas than in North America, however, so I decided to also give the option of a 10%-off code for orders over $500 USD to be fair to people in the USA and Canada.

The code “10percent500” will give you 10% off the price of any order over $500 USD, excluding tape and adhesive products. It can’t be combined with the free shipping code, so choose whichever one gives you the lower price overall.

As with the free shipping code, this may be a limited-time thing – we’ll see how it goes. The offer is not retroactive, and must be applied during checkout, so please don’t place an order and then ask me how to get the discount. Just copy and paste the code into the little box and then sit back and think about how much money you’re saving compared to purchasing a name-brand packraft…

2 thoughts on “10% off Coupon Code for Group Orders”

  1. So when are you going to set up a “like” system for your blog n posts because this right here is pretty epic stuff!

    1. Thanks – I’m glad you like it! But I think people would prefer me to spend my time developing new packrafts instead of figuring out how to add a “like” system to the blog 😉

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