Coming in 2016!

Until now, the packraft market has been dominated by expensive brands offering a limited range of boats, with few options for customization. Owners complain of flaws in their rafts and boats that are heavier than advertised, but what can they do? The market demands an ultralight boat with a spray deck, but still none is available at any price.

With so little competition in the market, there is little buyers can do. As a representative from the leading packraft brand told an adventurer looking for sponsorship,

“It sounds like a great trip, but you’re going to buy our packrafts anyway, and you’re going to make a bunch of media showing how awesome our boats are.” Sponsorship denied.

Starting in 2016, DIY Packraft kits will offer everyone the opportunity to own a packraft made of high quality materials you would expect to see in a $1000 packraft at a fraction of the cost.

Designed using 3D CAD technology and tested in the harshest conditions, DIY Packrafts are no pool toys. Best of all, with no sewing required, anyone can make one – if you can iron a shirt, you can make a DIY Packraft!

2 thoughts on “Coming in 2016!”

  1. I just wanted to say that I love this project! I’ve been interested in taking a packraft on my next motorcycle trip and have been looking for something that packs small but isn’t a pool toy and doesn’t cost $500. This website is organized so well and your pictures and videos are super helpful. Thank you!

    1. I’m a motorcycle rider too, so I know how little space there is on a bike – but a packraft would easily fit! Cool idea.

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