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In order to reproduce my plans, I looked into various printing options and quickly discovered I would lose money if I stuck to my goal of keeping the price to $20 USD per set. The problem is the size – they’re larger than a 4 x 8 foot sheet of plywood – so it was either raise the price or come up with a workaround. I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear that instead of raising the price, I created a giant stencil so I can trace out each set of plans myself, removing the print shop from the equation altogether. Sure it’ll take a few minutes to make each set, but so would driving to the print shop.

One thing I can’t do is hand deliver the plans to you personally, so for now I’ll be using regular letter post with its attendant costs.

I’m setting up a Shop page with a secure PayPal checkout in case you’d like to order a set. If you don’t trust PayPal, send me a message and we’ll work out something else.

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6 thoughts on “Plans Available Now”

  1. Hi, I’m very interested in your plans!
    I’m thinking about building a slightly longer cockpit. Is it hard for me to customize the plans to make the cockpit maybe 10cm longer?

    1. Thanks for your interest in the plans! I am designing a packraft with a longer cockpit right now, and plans will be available soon. I do not recommend trying to lengthen the original plans yourself because that would change the geometry of the tubes and make the tube fabric wrinkle at the corners. I will contact you directly when the larger plans are available.

  2. Здравствуйте интересует ваши планы с кокпитом 140 см. Скажите сколько будет стоить с доставкой в Россию.

    1. Привет, у меня нет планов для нового 140-сантиметрового плота, только для старой версии V2. Большой размер – 130 см. Если вы хотите, вы можете увидеть стоимость доставки, добавив ее в свою корзину и указав свой адрес. Для просмотра стоимости доставки не требуется покупка. благодаря

  3. I was wondering what the big differences between the v2 and v3 patterns are? Something about being easier to assemble (double coated floor material aside)? Something about the floor pan extending further up the stern of the boat? Is there a major difference in cross sections and guide curves of the boat?

    1. Hi Patrick – the biggest difference is that patterns are not available for the V3, only kits. Compared to the V2, the V3 is just a design update for better balance and tracking, fewer wrinkles, better bottom protection (the floor fabric extends farther up the sides and back). The cross section looks slightly different due to the different floor material and the order of putting things together is changed to make it easier. Cheers!

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