Instructions – V3 Plans & Kits

This is the V3 DIY Packraft made in the instruction pages below.

Getting Started

Before starting on your packraft, take a few minutes to adjust your iron to the correct temperature and practice proper heat sealing technique. You may also want to build confidence by constructing an inflation bag and seat first.


V3 DIY Packraft Kit Instructions

Note: Access to the following pages is limited to those who have purchased a V3 kit or plans. The techniques are similar to those used in the V2 DIY Packraft instructions, which anyone can view, but the packraft design is improved. 

Step 1 – Separating Pre-Cut Pieces from Scrap Fabric

Step 2 – Drawing Alignment Marks on the Floor

Step 2.1 – Installing an Airtight Zipper (optional)

Step 3.1 – Joining Tube Piece #3 to Floor (Part 1)

Step 3.2 – Joining Tube Piece #3 to Floor (Part 2)

Step 4.1 – Adding Adjacent Tube Pieces (Part 1)

Step 4.2 – Adding Adjacent Tube Pieces (Part 2)

Step 4.3 – Adding Adjacent Tube Pieces (Part 3)

Step 5 – Installing the Inflation Valve

Step 6 – Center Seam(s)

Step 7 – Locate & Seal Any Leaks

Step 8 – Top-Up Valve Placement & Installation


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