New Spray Deck (Pictures!)

Here are a few pictures of the new spray deck! It’s made from 210D heat sealable fabric and a lightweight, collapsible aluminum tent pole.

The total weight of the packraft, including the inflatable floor and spray deck, is now 2008 grams, or 4.426 pounds.

Spray deck kits and instructions are in the works 🙂


11 thoughts on “New Spray Deck (Pictures!)”

  1. Hi Matt! Great – now I’m looking forward to your experiences in WW – just to know if it resists some WW or if it starts leaking after 2-4 runs….

  2. hey Matt nice work, did U made this on the base of the youtube raft? Helps that you have installed a zipper? I think about to intall one on my first black raft. Was it easier with the reachable innertubesection, or its not nesesary? I would prefer a removable cruiserspraydeck, not interest to go whitewater with selfmade. Looking forward of video instruction for the spraydeck installation. Lighter fabric reached me, next project can start. 🙂

    greetings from berlin

    1. Hi Marco,

      Yes, I added the spray deck and inflatable floor to the packraft I made in the Youtube videos after it was finished. The airtight zipper is not necessary for retrofitting either the inflatable floor or the spray deck – I installed both entirely from the outside – but it is still a very nice feature for storing gear inside the tubes and for accessing the inside of the tubes to make repairs.

      I will add a removable cruiser spray deck to my list of things to do!

      I’m glad your new fabric arrived, and I look forward to seeing your ultralight packraft 🙂



  3. Hey, Matt,
    Should I purchase the kit and try to make the boat by myself…?
    Or I want to visit Canada and learn some skills or know-how from you…
    Which is better…?

    1. Hi Maradona! I demonstrate all of my skills and know-how in my videos and web pages, but Canada has some beautiful places for packrafting (follow @benbrochu on instagram for pictures!), so I think a trip to Canada would be better spent in the wilderness than in my basement 😉

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