New Fabric Update 2


Remember that bad luck I mentioned in the last post? Well, I have just been informed by the supplier that Customs thought the fabric shipment looked fishy because the cost listed on the invoice was much higher than what they see for normal fabric, so they took a look through the shipment and noticed that the contents didn’t match the invoice.

What is the discrepancy, you ask? Well, unbeknownst to me, the manufacturer (no doubt thinking he was doing me a favour) tossed a 2 m sample of a different fabric into the shipment and didn’t list it on the Customs form. That’s two extra metres of fabric in a shipment containing thousands of metres of fabric!

Now they are holding the shipment while they investigate the extent of this nefarious international smuggling ring and decide what to do about it.

There is no indication yet of how long this could take, but I will post another update as soon as I hear anything new… unless this lands me in prison, that is. I don’t think there’s WIFI in prison.

Let this be a lesson to those of you who ask me to under-value your orders for Customs!

4 thoughts on “New Fabric Update 2”

  1. On the good side, the fabric has arrived.. And we will wait in patience… 😉
    Maybe you should have under-valued the fabrics… Then the Customs guys wouldn’t have been suspicious 😉

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