A Few New Videos

I’ve made a couple new videos to answer common questions about the DIY Packraft fabrics and my heat sealing technique, and also one showing the different valves and how they work.

These videos are longer than my usual how-to videos, and they’re unscripted so I ramble a bit, but you get to see me doing stuff in real-time, which should make it easy to follow if you have the patience to sit through them.

This one shows the basic heat sealing technique with all the different DIY Packraft fabrics, and I also demonstrate how strong proper welds should be if you try to peel them apart:


In this video I show all the different fabrics used in the DIY Packraft kits and I do some destructive testing to show how puncture resistant and tear resistant they are:


This last video shows the different valves that are available in the shop and included in the DIY Packraft kits:

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