Fabric Comparison Video

I have posted a new video comparing the fabrics I used to make two of my previous packrafts to those that are available in the Shop now. Check it out!

3 thoughts on “Fabric Comparison Video”

  1. Man, so many places you could go from here. I have recently found your site and I am going to await the new whitewater raft video VERY eagerly. I am absolutely going to buy one of your kits when I have the time to make it.

    I saw that someone asked you about gas-tight zippers for storage. There are so many other questions I have for you as well.

    Have you considered spray decks or self-bailing floors? Neither seems like they would be very difficult.

    I have a lot of other questions too but I won’t swamp you with them all at once.

      1. Good to hear. Your “deluxe seat” is halfway to a self-bailing floor already. Keep it up!

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