Plans Available Soon

Sorry I’ve been a bit slow to respond to inquiries – I recently moved to an acreage where I have to set up satellite internet… it should be installed next week. Then I’ll be working on some instructions to go with the plans, including videos, which I’ll post to Youtube, with links here on the site.

I have a few extra Boston valves (including the part that glues into the boat – not just the replacement plugs that are easy to find), and if people want, I could send one with the plans, probably cheaper than you’ll be able to find anywhere else.

I’m trying to keep the cost of the plans down to $20 USD, plus shipping.

I’ve been using some heat sealable fabric that I ordered from Seattle Fabrics ( It’s pretty expensive though, and they don’t have much selection of suitable fabrics, so I’m working on buying in bulk directly from a manufacturer so I can sell kits for cheaper than what it would cost people to buy in small amounts from somewhere like Seattle Fabrics. I have some great looking samples from a manufacturer, so after I test them to make sure they’ll work, I’ll place an order and let y’all know. What colours are people most interested in?

Oh, and if you’re interested in purchasing plans, please let me know what size cockpit you’ll need. The easiest way to tell is to sit with your back flat against a wall and measure how far your feet stick out straight in front of you.

One thought on “Plans Available Soon”

  1. Looking forward to building some packrafts for our unit for flood rescue assistance and patrols. We await updates and information.

    So good luck with the project.

    Kind regards,

    Alexander Foster.
    Thames Auxiliary Marine Service.

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