Buoyant and Stable!

Last weekend my friend Derek came for a visit and wanted to try out my DIY packraft. It was a windy day with some chop and even whitecaps on the lake, but he paddled it without difficulty.

Just outside the frame of this photo is a kayaker being rescued after capsizing in the waves, but the packraft just bobs up and down in the chop – very buoyant and stable!

Update: Here is a video of me testing my second packraft in much bigger and less predictable waves!

7 thoughts on “Buoyant and Stable!”

  1. Hi Matt, great website and ideas. Thank you for sharing.
    Do you plan to make whitewater spraydeck?
    I am going to make it for my packraft and at the moment the only problem is the cockpit poles. I have tried different plastic ones but they are too soft. I am going to make it from aluminium tubes, but I’d like to keep it flexible.

    1. Hi Nikita, are PEX plumbing pipes available in Russia, or something similar? These are the plastic pipes used for house plumbing, and I believe that that is what Alpacka uses for their cockpit poles. Here in North America, PEX pipes are available at hardware stores that sell plumbing supplies.

      I do plan to make a whitewater spray deck, but have not had time yet! I will post an article and video as soon as I am able.

    1. Cool – it looks great! I think it is just for decoration, because the other Alpacka beside it does not have as many pieces in the spray deck and the deck still looks tight.

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