Airtight Zippers Pre-Order Sale!

I did it! I’m offering exactly the same zippers available in the best manufactured packrafts, at a fraction of the cost.

In order to get them at a decent price, I had to purchase a large quantity (the story of my life). To help balance the books I have decided to offer a pre-order discount – the zippers will arrive in mid-December, and I will start shipping them as soon as they are here, but if you order before then, you’ll get a discount. For more information, check them out in the Shop!

2 thoughts on “Airtight Zippers Pre-Order Sale!”

  1. Hi, I am Looking for one of the zipper that you may have, the zipper are 36 inch long and 2 3/4 inch with app. i use them in a 6ft water ball.
    Facebook See (TUMBLE BUBBLES)

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