A few Multi-Color Kits Left (until resupply)

After a sudden increase in orders last month (thanks in large part to my new friends in Fairbanks, Alaska and Midway, Utah!), I have nearly run out of red, yellow, blue, and black 210D fabric. I have changed the status of these fabrics in the shop to “backordered,” and done same for the kits made from them. (Camouflage and lightweight 40D red fabrics are still in stock.)

I have now nearly caught up with the orders and I still have a few metres of the colored fabrics left – enough for a few more multi-color packrafts with colored floors and black or colored seams.

I will be receiving more fabric, including all of the previously available colors plus a nice new dark green fabric, but if you would like to get started on your packraft before then, please contact me to check availability. This is for multi-color packraft kits only, and they will be made on a first ordered, first served basis until the fabrics are completely gone.

2 thoughts on “A few Multi-Color Kits Left (until resupply)”

  1. Matt,

    Do you have enough material to make a kit for me that is the same pattern as the multi-color in your gallery photos? (I would like a large with a black double-bottom)

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