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Things have been pretty quiet on the blog lately, and that’s because aside from working at my “real” job I have been working feverishly to finish a new generation of packraft plans, featuring improvements based on my experience constructing and paddling packrafts made from the previously available plans. These new designs will also be offered as kits with pre-cut fabric.

So what’s different in the new plans? Let’s take a look.

Cockpit Lengths are - Small: 110 cm (43"); Medium: 120 cm (47"); Large: 130 cm (51")
New Plans: Cockpit Lengths are – Small: 110 cm (43″); Medium: 120 cm (47″); Large: 130 cm (51″). (Length may vary depending on your materials and construction.)

First, the most obvious change is the addition of a “Medium” size, with an internal length halfway between the previously available Regular (Small) and Large plans.

The second difference is an improved cockpit shape. This shape is consistent between the sizes, with only the length varying.

The third difference is a slightly reduced tube diameter – 27.5 cm (11″) instead of 30 cm (12″). In my experience, the 12″ tubes are overkill, even with two people crammed in a Small, and the slight reduction in size will provide better paddle clearance and lighter weight while having a negligible effect on buoyancy.

Other things, like the bow and stern rocker (upturn) have not changed.

I will continue to offer the original plans to those who request them, but from now on I will ship the new plans by default (they are marked “V2” for “version 2”).

To minimize shipping costs by reducing paper weight, the new plans are laid out differently than what you will see in my construction videos up to this point. I will post a video and an article about the changes, and I will be posting a new video series detailing construction of a packraft based on the new plans.

14 thoughts on “New Plans Shipping Now”

  1. Hey Matt,

    I just finished cutting out the regular plans just a min ago. I was wondering if your next version could be something similar to the Alpacka Gnu? But hey if looks like you already released a version 2. So many be a Version 3. I adventure race and I would love to make a boat that can carry two people with as fast of hull speed as possible.

    Again thank you for everything you do. Such a great resource.

  2. Hi Matt,

    The new design looks great.

    Any idea on the timescale and price point you’ll be able to offer the kits at?

    Shipping charges to Europe for 6-7m of material seem jaw dropping!

      1. Thanks Matt.

        All your efforts are greatly appreciated. Now I just have to do my own overtime to pay for my kit!

        All the best,


  3. Do you have any plans to offer products/advice regarding attaching grab loops for securing backpacks/mooring? Thanks – this site is great idea by the way

  4. Hi Matt,
    Great to see that you now have those kits for sale!
    I have a couple of questions before I can decide on the version though.
    I’m very tempted by the lighter fabric option but I want to make sure it’s suited for my use,
    It’s pretty easy to describe, what I intend to do with it is exactly this:
    I don’t intend to do any aggressive use of it, it’ll be mostly a way of coming down from my hiking/fishing trips but it’ll be a river rather than lake use.
    Also, do you have any experience with those airtight zippers?
    I’ve tracked down the brand used by Alpacka and found a good price on my side of the Atlantic so I’m pretty keen to add one to my raft.



    1. Hi Frank,

      Yes indeed – you found the kits before I announced them!

      The lighter fabric is suitable for the type of paddling shown in that video, so if I were in your situation, personally I would choose the lighter fabric with the understanding that I may have to patch a hole occasionally due to some unexpected sharp rock or stick (but even the heavier fabric is no guarantee against that).

      I have been researching the airtight zippers – the TIZIP SuperSeal is the best I have found, and it’s what the packraft manufacturers use. TIZIP also makes other airtight zippers (such as the MasterSeal), but they are not rated to the same air pressure as the SuperSeal and the zipper teeth are exposed, so sand may be more likely to find its way in, breaking the seal. What is the price you found (and for what zipper length?), and do you have a link to the supplier? I have been in contact with the manufacturer and I will stock the SuperSeal if there is not already a good supplier others can access. The minimum order quantity is large if I buy direct from the factory, so it would be quite a significant investment, but lots of people seem interested, so it might be worthwhile.



  5. Thanks for the infos,
    The light fabric sounds perfect me then, I guess once you’ve built your own packraft you’re not so fussed about the odd repair job anyway!

    The price I found is 48£ for a 76cm Superseal there:
    Another seller offers the 90cm for 71€, quite a significant difference.
    I’m not sure what’s the ideal size for that use, how does that sound from your perspective?
    If you are to offer it at a similar price I’d be all for buying it form you!



    1. I think 76 cm could be too long, as you might struggle to find a place to install it that would make sense without crossing any seams.The maximum diameter of objects you can store in the tubes is less than 30 cm, so I think a 45 or 50 cm zipper would be plenty long, and would avoid the extra weight and volume of a longer zipper (one thing I have read about Alpackas with the Cargo Fly is that they don’t pack down as small as the same model without).

      It might be a while before I can offer them myself (everything seems to take longer than I estimate), so give another retailer a try if you’re keen!


  6. Makes sense, I had no idea what the suitable length could be.
    I’ll keep on looking around for shorter ones and keep you posted if I find a source.


    1. Great – thank you! I don’t have a list of retailers… I get the impression that they sell mostly to manufacturers, so there are likely very few retailers who sell just the zippers.

  7. Just thinking, did Tizip give you a lust of their retailers?
    It might make it faster to directly know where to look rather than searching via google…

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