Update on Fabric, Kits, New Valves

The fabric is here! Now I am working overtime at my “real” job to pay for it, which leaves me little time to work on the website. I will be sending out an email to notify interested people when the fabric “goes live” in the Shop [available now].

I will also be offering complete packraft kits, including pre-cut fabric and a Boston valve. These may be of greatest interest to those of you who are overseas, because the shipping costs will be much lower than plans+fabric due to the reduced weight (there is a 2 kg threshold where the price more than doubles, from an already high price to a ridiculous one). If you want to be notified when kits are available, please send me an email through the Contact form with “mailing list” as the subject.

I also have new valves in the shop that are suitable for smaller inflatables, such as packraft seats. At only 4 grams, they are lighter and smaller than the Boston valves. There’s also a limited number of top-up valves, which I ordered as a test. Check ’em out!

4 thoughts on “Update on Fabric, Kits, New Valves”

    1. It’s something that’s on my list of things to do, but it’s a long list… so yes, but I’m not sure if/when they’ll be available. Please let me know if you come across anything that looks suitable!

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