Update: New Fabric

Many of you have been waiting for the new fabric shipment to arrive – thank you for your patience! The shipment is now “in transit”.

I originally gave what I thought was a conservative estimate of when the fabric would arrive (late March or early April), based on promises I received from the manufacturer. There were several frustrating delays at the factory, however, and unfortunately there was nothing I could do about that except complain, which is what I did, but to make a high quality product the machinery must be running properly… and it’s hard to argue with that logic. All that is done though.

Because of the large size and weight of the shipment, it’s travelling by surface transport, and because it is an international shipment it must clear Customs when it reaches Canada. These things take time, and I am hesitant to give an ETA due to my bad luck in the past. The last fabric shipment was packed in a truck that also contained a large quantity of glassware, which got destroyed in transit. It sat in a warehouse for a week while they figured out how to remove all the shattered glass before they could access the fabric rolls.

Anyway, be assured that there is nobody who would like to know what day the shipment will arrive more than me. I will update you all as soon as I know anything more concrete. In the meantime, thank you for your pre-orders and your patience!

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