New Forum Added to Site!

I get a lot of emails from people with questions, tips, pictures, and requests, and for some time now I’ve been thinking I should add a forum or social networking platform to the website so others can benefit from our correspondence.

Today I added this feature, which you can find in the “Forum” menu, above. Now you can connect with other DIY Packrafters in your hometown and around the world, or just check out the activity stream to see what people are talking about.

The way this network is set up, you can create a profile with as much or as little information about yourself as you want. It’s free and easy. Once you have a profile, you can become friends with other members and create Groups based on different topics, such as arranging packrafting meetups in your area, helping each other with your DIY questions, sharing new design projects and packraft modifications, politics*, etc.

Anyone can become a member, but spamming and other bad behavior will get you booted, so please play nicely. For now, I will moderate things myself and we’ll see how it goes. You’ll be notified if someone sends you a message or mentions you in a post (if you don’t want to receive notification emails, you can easily turn them off in your profile settings).

So what do you think? Is this a good idea?


*Just kidding. Please, no politics!

2 thoughts on “New Forum Added to Site!”

  1. I love the site!! The photos show Northern BC like it is… gorgeous!! Smithers has so much to offer within a few hours of town… ski hill, rivers, lakes, creeks and if you are willing to drive a few hours even the ocean. The size weight of your boats are just amazing. Keep it up and thanks for helping others to be able to move into the amazing creation that is around us.

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