Fabric Shipment Update

The fabric shipment was finally released from Customs this morning after weeks of radio silence. Randomly or otherwise, they took a special interest in this particular shipment and removed it to an off-site inspection facility where they could poke and prod it with x-rays and sniffer dogs and who knows what else. I’m glad they didn’t find any fentanyl or plutonium in there, or it would never have been released.

Because it’s at an off-site inspection facility, that means it still has to be trucked back to the regular supply line before it can be shipped here. The freight forwarder estimates that will happen Wednesday or Thursday, so it will probably be late this week or early next week before I get my hands on it. Then I’ll be working around the clock to get it to you as quickly as possible.

So much for the packrafting trip I had planned.

5 thoughts on “Fabric Shipment Update”

  1. Sorry to hear about you having to postpone your trip, but thanks for the update! I hope the news relieves some stress and maybe even a few good things start coming your way!

  2. Oh what a bummer!! This must be why I haven’t received the order I placed on June 16th. I was really hoping to have this by tomorrow as a suprise for my husbands birthday. He has wanted one for soo long! Will I get a notification when it does ship?

    1. Hi Katelyn – yep, I’m catching up on orders now (in the order they were received) – yours should ship in the next day or so. Please watch for a shipping confirmation email. Thanks for your patience!

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