Fabric is Here! Actually and in Reality!

It is not just a dream. After experiencing delays at literally every possible step between order and delivery (totaling almost five months!) the fabric shipment has finally arrived. Yes, friends, I have touched it with my own hands, and let me tell you – it is a wonderful feeling. The new green fabric looks beautiful, too. This joyous occasion is enough to bring a tear to a grown man’s eye.

After I wrestle the rolls into my shop and do a few quick tests to ensure the quality, I will be catching up on orders, so if you email me in the next week or so, please expect a slow reply, especially if your question requires significant thought or calculations.

6 thoughts on “Fabric is Here! Actually and in Reality!”

  1. Yay! Im so glad its finally in your hands!! My order still says back ordered, will I receive my order soon now that you finally got the fabric? Is there any way to get an eta, it is a suprise gift for my husbands birthday…

    1. Hi Katelyn – yep, I’m catching up on orders now, and yours should ship in the next day or so. Please watch for a shipping confirmation email. Thanks for your patience!

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