Two New Fabrics Added to Shop

I have just added two new fabrics to the DIY Packraft Shop – 420D with TPU coatings on both sides, and 1000D with extra thick TPU coatings on both sides.

These are relatively expensive, heavier fabrics, and because they are coated with TPU on both sides, they cannot be heat sealed directly with an iron. For that reason, they will not be offered as floor options in the current “V2” DIY Packraft design, but I will be incorporating them into future versions of the DIY Packraft kit (no guarantees on when that will happen).

You can learn more about them by clicking the links above, and if you’d like to check them out yourself, they are now included in the Fabric Sample Pack.

6 thoughts on “Two New Fabrics Added to Shop”

      1. When you do make the packraft kit for the 1000 denier fabric what would be a rough estimate on the price

        1. There will be two different versions – one with a 1000D floor, and another with partial 1000D tubes as well. The price for the former will likely be similar to the current kits with double layer floors or a bit more, and the latter will be a bit more than that. The exact amounts will depend on how efficiently I can utilize the fabric. As I’ve said from the beginning, the point of the DIY Packraft project is to make packrafting more affordable.

  1. What do you think about adding a layer of the new thick fabric on the inside floor of an existing packraft? Would it bond ok?

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