First Pictures of the new V3 DIY Packraft

Here are some pictures of the new V3 DIY Packraft. This one is the 120 size, and has a 420D floor (TPU on both sides) and 210D tubes. As it is now, without the top-up valve and tie-downs, the weight is 1635 grams, or 3.6 pounds.

The V3 is a totally new design, from the ground up. Compared to the V2 model, the new V3 has:

  • different floor materials (420D or 1000D with TPU on both sides)
  • longer stern for better balance, storage, and directional stability
  • improved tube-to-floor interface to increase strength and minimize potential leaks
  • pre-cut seam strips to reduce construction time

14 thoughts on “First Pictures of the new V3 DIY Packraft”

  1. Looks great Matt.

    Have you moved away from the inlatable floor idea with the new packrafts?

    1. Thanks, Rob! Yeah, the inflatable floor will be a removable insert instead of integrated into the boat – it’s just easier that way.

  2. When will it be available…. Im hoping to build one this winter to enjoy next year.

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