Colour Choosing

I am starting to make my next packraft, and when choosing which colours I wanted to use, I found it helpful to print out several copies of this outline and colour in the different segments with different options so I could see which design I liked best. If you want to do the same, you can print the PNG below or this PDF: diy-packraft-outline.

Packraft outline for choosing colours
Packraft outline for choosing colours

2 thoughts on “Colour Choosing”

  1. Hola amigo , soy de chile , consulto sobre el precio del kit 😊, muchas gracias . Y si ha enviado este país

    1. Sí, he enviado a Chile! Puede encontrar los precios en la página Shop e ingresar su dirección en la página Cart para calcular el costo de envío. Gracias 🙂

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