V3 DIY Packrafts will start shipping early October

Today I’m leaving town for a couple of weeks, but the new V3 DIY Packraft is pretty much ready to go, so kits will start shipping after I return on September 30th.

The new V3 packraft instructions are posted under the How-To menu, but because of ongoing plagiarism, access is currently limited to those who have purchased a V3 kit (or plans/kits for the two-person Voyageur DIY Packraft). The techniques (heat sealing and a small amount of gluing) are the same as the V2 instructions, but the packraft design and floor materials are improved. Email me for a password if you want to see the instructions before your kit arrives with your password.

Text and picture instructions for the new inflation bag kits and the new seat are also posted under the How-To menu.

To build the demo packraft featured in the V3 instructions, I used only the Coverite Black Baron model airplane covering iron, and it worked very well. It’s a bit wide for seam sealing, but the temperature is consistent and adjustable, and given the problems people have had with some of the smaller irons, I think it’s a good option for those purchasing their first heat sealing iron.

If you want to build a V3 kit, you can pre-order now to reserve your place in line and it will ship as soon as possible.

2 thoughts on “V3 DIY Packrafts will start shipping early October

  1. Will the V3 only be available as a kit or will you be selling the plans as well? I am new and just starting to look into everything. I just purchased the fabric sample and am very excited. Thanks for your work in sharing all of this and putting it together!

    1. Hi Katie – for now the V3 is only available as a kit. I may offer plans at some point in the future, but probably not as I’ve had issues with people buying a set of plans and then trying to use them to make money. Thanks for your interest!

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