DIY 5-Piece Carbon Paddle

Have a look at this beautiful 5-piece DIY carbon fiber packraft paddle made by Andreas H. – pretty good for a first attempt, I’d say!

It’s made from 20×18 and 18×16 millimeter carbon fiber tubing and 1 mm carbon fiber sheet glued with cyanoacrylate (“super”) glue and epoxy, and held together with 6 mm Titan screws. Paddle weight is 490 grams (1.08 lb), 525 grams (1.16 lbs) with the bag.
Thanks for sending the pictures and sketch, Andreas!


Here’s a link to the English version of the site Andreas bought his supplies from in Germany – they have an amazing array of products, and the prices look pretty reasonable compared to what I have seen on this side of the pond (carbon is always very expensive). Here’s where Cubenmaker Tim gets his larger diameter carbon fiber tubes in North America for building his folding kayaks.

5 thoughts on “DIY 5-Piece Carbon Paddle”

  1. Really awesome design!
    Would be interesting to know some details such as how it was possible to bend cf sheets into the bended shape and how exactly the tube connections are fixed so they cannot fall apart during paddling but are still easy to disconnect if intended.

  2. I’d love to get the exact specs and links for material! Looks very nice!

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