Instant cure “Aquaseal UV” added to the Shop

Recently I realized that a fast-curing adhesive was missing from my field repair kit, and that if something goes wrong on a packrafting trip and field repair tape won’t do the job, I might have to sit around for eight hours waiting for regular Aquaseal to cure. That’s not so bad if you can do the repair overnight, but it’s a long time to wait during the day, especially at this time of year when the days are getting shorter (here in the North, anyway).

I often use CA glue (super glue) around the house for quick repairs, but it’s not very flexible, so I decided to get some Aquaseal UV after reading a bunch of positive reviews online. I know that some people overseas don’t have easy access to Gear Aid (Aquaseal) products, so I also bought some extra tubes and added Aquaseal UV as a product in the Shop.

It comes in a small tube, perfect for your repair kit, and it cures in seconds when exposed to sunlight. Cool, hey?

It’s not quite as strong or as flexible as regular Aquaseal, but you can make a quick repair with Aquaseal UV and then apply the regular stuff over top of it when you’ve got time to spare (so says the package).

So yeah, if you want some for your repair kit but can’t find it locally, now you can add it to your next DIY Packraft order 😀

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