Can I Visit the DIY Packraft Shop in Person?

Unfortunately my insurance policy explicitly states that I cannot allow customers to visit my property. Normally this kind of thing wouldn’t stop me – what could possibly go wrong, right? – but I had a heck of a time getting house insurance because I operate DIY Packraft from home.

In order to purchase the house, I had to apply for a mortgage, and in order to qualify for the mortgage the house has to be insured, and due to the nature of the business there’s only one insurer in the country willing to take the risk. Being the only option, they can charge whatever they want, so my insurance rate is about 7 x the normal premium (which isn’t cheap to begin with).

DIY Packraft is not a big money maker, and with that extremely high base rate I just can’t afford to tempt fate for an increase. I already had a delivery driver fall out of his truck in my driveway – it turned out he was fine, but watching it happen nearly gave me a heart attack.

Even if you personally would never sue someone if you hurt yourself on their property (what kind of a jackass would, really?), that’s not the issue – what happens when you get hurt and have to go to the hospital or take time off work is your own insurance company covers your costs and then they turn around and try to recover that money by suing the homeowners and the guy they hired to shovel the snow from your driveway and so on down the line until someone is stuck holding the bag.

Like it or not, this is the world we live in, so as much as I would enjoy having you over to talk packrafting, the answer is no.

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