Shipping, Taxes, & Customs

How to Check Shipping Costs

To see shipping costs, add items to your cart and then enter your address on the Cart page – no purchase required. The available shipping options will be calculated and displayed automatically.


Minimizing Shipping Costs (for overseas customers)

You can always check shipping costs by adding items to your Cart and then visiting the Checkout page and entering your address – shipping options are automatically calculated based on the size and weight of the items in your cart.

For customers outside the USA and Canada, be aware that 2 kg is the threshold above which the least expensive Small Packet Air service is not available. (Note that the Small Packet Air shipping service does not include tracking, so is not recommended or guaranteed.) V2 DIY Packraft Kits are designed to be under this weight limit, but V3 kits are not, and if you add more/heavier items to your order, Small Packet Air may not be available and you will be limited to more expensive shipping options. Purchasing packraft plans and uncut fabric will generally exceed the 2 kg threshold. In some circumstances, you may be able to save money by placing two separate orders, each under 2 kg. Alternatively, you can order multiple kits with a group of friends to reduce shipping costs and receive a discount (see the Coupons page for details).

Note that I have added no markup to the shipping prices – the prices you see are as close as possible to the actual prices (which can only be guaranteed after the parcel is packed, measured, and weighed).

Overseas customers may be able to save money on shipping by using a “freight forwarder” – see this blog post for details.


Large Orders

Large group orders (more than a few kits) can sometimes confuse the automatic shipping cost calculator, especially for overseas shipments, resulting in very high shipping costs (e.g. $500-$1000). If you experience this, contact me beforehand to find out the actual cost.


Shipping Options

It is highly recommended that you choose a shipping method that includes tracking. The following shipping methods do not include tracking and should be avoided if you can afford it:

  • Small Packet USA Air
  • Small Packet International Surface
  • Small Packet International Air
  • International Parcel – Air
  • International Parcel – Surface

About 1% of un-tracked parcels sent overseas are delayed by a few weeks or held by the destination country’s Customs office for inspection. DIY Packraft Ltd. will not accept responsibility for delayed or lost packages sent by shipping methods that do not include tracking.

If your package is being shipped to Germany, be prepared to show an invoice indicating the value and shipping cost of your package and to retrieve it within one week of its arrival at the Customs office, or it will be be returned.


Order Processing Time

Except for very simple orders, orders are processed on a “first ordered, first served” basis. It normally takes 1-3 business days to ship an order, though large orders and orders received subsequent to a large number of orders may take longer to ship. Orders containing backordered (“backorder” = currently not in stock) products will ship when all of the products are in stock.

Most international orders take approximately ten business days to be delivered after they are shipped.

If you require your order before a certain date, please contact me first to see if that will be possible.


Customs Duties & Taxes

Some countries require you to pay import duties when you receive a product through the mail from a foreign country. This is typically a percentage of the value of the product. For many countries, there is a value below which no duties are applied. Before you ask DIY Packraft to under-value your shipment, be aware that this could result in Customs delays.

Residents of Canada will be charged 5% GST. Residents of British Columbia will be charged an additional 7% PST.


Failure to Retrieve Packages

If you fail to retrieve your package at the post office or customs office within the allowable time limit (usually 1-2 weeks, depending on the country), it will be returned to me and you will have to pay for it to be sent again, so please do not place an order and then plan to be away from home longer than your post office will hold your parcel!


Other Notes

Canada Post (and by extension DIY Packraft Ltd.) only guarantees delivery to a destination country’s Customs facility, where parcels will then be processed by Customs officials before being passed to your local postal delivery service for final delivery. DIY Packraft can’t be held responsible for mistakes made by postal bureaucrats in other countries!

Plans and/or fabric will be folded for shipping (a long roll is much more expensive to ship). If you like, you can iron out the creases when your shipment arrives, though this is not required. To do so, use a clothes iron set to a low temperature. If you prefer fabric shipped on a roll, please contact me.

Do not use blades to open your parcel – you may damage the contents!


Feel free to leave a comment below describing your experience regarding wait times, customs duties, or other relevant information (please indicate the country or region where your order was delivered). Thanks!

13 thoughts on “Shipping, Taxes, & Customs”

  1. Thanks to Marco for the following, regarding imports to Germany:

    Wareneinkaufswert + Postversandkosten = Wareneinfuhrwert

    Wareneinfuhrwert unter 22€: zollfrei
    Wareneinfuhrwert von 22€ bis 150€: zollfrei, aber Umsatzsteuer 19%
    Wareneinfuhrwert über 150€: Zollgebühr zzgl. Umsatzsteuer 19%
    (ab 150€ ist es interessant was es für eine Ware ist, danach berechnet sich die Zollgebühr.)

    Bei Briefversand muss der Kunde Belege für den Wareneinfuhrwert in Euro vorlegen. Es können zusätzliche Gebühren erhoben werden. Werden aber bei Onlinebestellung und Postversand erlassen.

    Es gibt einen Postservice, der die Zollangelegenheiten abwickelt, kostet nochmal ca. 30€ Gebühr. Man kann sich das via Mobile App berechnen lassen (App “Zoll und Post”).

  2. Hi Matt,
    Have you ever shipped to India, just wanted to know if I will have to bear any additional cost through customs and if any taxes will be levied on me.
    Please let me know if you have any info regarding this issue.
    Many thanks

  3. Hi Matt!
    Just a tip: At checkout, when choosing shipping method. The methods should be marked with”with tracking” or “without tracking”, making it easier to choose.

    1. Hi Thom,

      The shipping method names and prices are pulled directly from Canada Post’s database, so I can’t change how they appear, but I’ve added a note at the top of the page to indicate which methods do not include tracking.


  4. Hi Matt thank you, Just received my V3 Kit, with TiZip+1000D floor (+1m of 210D fabric) and the United Kingdom customs duty in total came to £54.43 on top of my £193.21 purchase+(postage £53.31). So for anyone else looking to buy a Kit with a TiZip posted to the UK will be about £300. Thats excluding an iron, glue etc. Will let you know how I get on, Many thanks

  5. Hi Matt,

    Do you send an order confirmation once you ship or should I have gotten one after checking out? I see the charge on my card, but just want to make sure that the order actually went through since I haven’t seen any confirmation. Thanks for your help!


    1. Yep, you should receive an automatic confirmation email from DIY Packraft when your order is received and also another one when it ships, plus one from Canada Post with the tracking info. Please check your Spam folder and mark any emails from DIY Packraft as “Not Spam” to help train the algorithm. If you can’t find an email from DIY Packraft, please let me know as I recently updated my automatic email settings and something may have gone wrong.

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