DIY Packraft Overview


DIY Packraft kits are available in several different sizes and weights. Check them out in the shop for more details!



The best packraft manufacturers make their packrafts out of polyurethane coated nylon fabric, and that is what DIY Packraft kits are made from too. We use fabrics of several different strengths and weights to make packrafts similar to commercially available models, and also ultralight packrafts that aren’t available anywhere else. These fabrics feature a heat-sealable polyurethane coating, called thermoplastic polyurethane, or TPU for short. When TPU bonds to itself, the joint becomes stronger than the fabric, so sewing or gluing would be redundant. Learn more about fabrics here, and see how strong the DIY Packraft fabrics are in the video below. You can also order a fabric sample pack to test them yourself (now with free shipping worldwide).




The only specialized tool required to make a DIY Packraft is a heat-sealing iron. You can buy the one pictured here for about $25. Learn more here.






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